How To Choose An Awesome Color Scheme For Your Website

If you think about it, a color design/scheme for your website could compared to what we wear and how we present ourselves to clients and potential business partners on an everyday basis. Therefore, choosing the right colors for your website and making sure everything matches is extremely important.

What is my website going to wear this week?

To help with choosing a great color scheme here are few tools that may help.

Kuler By Adobe – choose any of the most popular color schemes on the web.

Behr Color Center – even though we are not painting the walls of your current work place, Behr Paints Color Center is a great place to mix and match different colors that can also be used on the web.

Smashing Magazine – Check out the series on choosing colors over at Smashing Magazine. These guys know what they are talking about when it comes to drawing more visitors to your website.’s Color Meanings – Colors are more than a combination of red and blue or yellow and black. They are non-verbal communication.

Ask AJS Web About Color Design! -Have an idea? We love to pick and choose colors that will set your website off!


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